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Sample Collage by Sideline Shotz...

We specialize in building collage prints! All collages are customized to your requirements. You pick the colors, background, and the number of photos to include. We’ll create a custom, high resolution collage you can preview on our gallery.

Do you have great picks you shot with your own camera? We also accept your digital photos for inclusion in your collage. Simply drop us a line and we will work with you on the specifics.

Most special orders are subject to a modest, commission fee based on the complexity of the order. No fees are charged for 2-3 blended photo collages. Upon project completion, the collage will be uploaded to our photo gallery for your review. From here, you can order prints and/or gifts of the collage at our regular prices.

4-6 blended photos and no cutouts Lightweight Collages ($10.00 fee) Lightweight Collage

2-4 photos with 2-3 cutout images Middleweight Collages ($20.00 fee) Middleweight Collage

5+ photos with 4-5 cutout images Heavyweight Collages ($35.00 fee) Heavyweight Collage