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When my kids were growing up, I could always be found at their games cheering and taking pictures. Like me, other parents and relatives were poised with their digital cameras, eager to catch all the action. They snapped photos when they could, or when they remembered to look through the view finder, but most preferred keeping their eyes on their team or athlete. Many photo opportunities were missed due to the excitement of the event.

Have you ever been caught cheering on the edge of your seat, only to miss that awesome shot of your superstar scoring a goal, or touching homeplate, or shooting that three-pointer at the end of the game? It has happened to us all!

At Sideline Shotz, we know what it’s like to be a parent on the sidelines. You can leave your camera at home and focus on what really counts – supporting your athletes. We will do our best to catch their emotion, their motivation, and their competitive abilities.

We look forward to seeing you on the sidelines!

Dave Sagaert
Soccer fans cheering on their team!
Wrestling team cheering on their teammate!
Football fans cheering for their team!
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